Bulk Web SMS in Pokhara

We provide Bulk SMS service here in Pokhara, Nepal. We offer you quality SMS solutions which is important for you business. Through SMS solutions provided by us, you can promote your business, and reach your customers which helps in growth of your business. Our Bulk/Web SMS servce is an effective marketing tool for your business. We provide SMS panel and API integration that handles the largest SMS campaigns at ease. We provide Bulk SMS/Web SMS service, SMS gateway, SMS API or any other SMS marketing services.  We also offer many more SMS services for individuals that can be used in schools/colleges and at different organizations.

Some examples:

1. The banks can intregrate our SMS API into their system and reach their customers in every aspects.

2. The schools and colleges can easily reach the guardians of their students regarding the students attendance records, exam result details, bill payments reminder and many more.

3. The consultancies can use our websms for the communication of informations to their clients.