School & College Software

SHIKSHYA software is a user friendly, tested and proven solution for all types of educational institutions. SHIKSHYA is different from all the other products available in the market in terms of features as well as price. This system is simple yet powerful platform that connects all the departments of an educational institution namely office administration, account, library, hostel, examination, transport, extracurricular activities and so on.

It is a well designed application that offers numerous features to organize, interact, express, create, search, store, and communicate within the educational institutions. SHIKSHYA is a solution we purpose for your institution, designed and developed keeping in mind the various parameters which are required to be monitored and applied for a reputed educational institutions which are either the leaders in the field or trying to cut the niche for themselves.


Accounting System

  • Multi Account Group/Ledger Setup and Configuration
  • Journal Voucher and Other Voucher Entry System
  • Final Report with BS, PL, Trial, Group Summary, Ledger Summary Statement, Ledger Category, Day Book, Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Cash Book
  • Student Ledger Statement and Class Ledger
  • Transportation and Hostel Transaction System
  • Inventory Stock and Uses with Account

Student Management System

  • Registration, Edit and Accounting Control with Fee Description
  • Student Manage Semester wise and Year wise with account
  • Class Setting with Hostel, Transportation and Other Fare Registration
  • Practical Subject Registration
  • Entrance and Result Information 
  • Student Transfer, Disabled and Present Registration with Information

Examination System

  • Examination Setting with Different Report Configuration
  • Different Mark sheet Report Format Configuration
  • Marks roundup and Decimal Place Setting
  • Class wise and Section wise Marks Ledger Configuration
  • Class Top and Overall Class, School Report in Graphical Format
  • Different Class Subject Configuration Support

Library System

  • Easy Book Registration from one Form (Category, Authors, Publishers)
  • Searching and Editing Feature
  • Easy Book Transaction (Issue and Return)
  • Transaction and Return Report
  • Fine and Expire (Delay) Return Control with Accounting Ledger

Other Feature

  • Academic Calendar with Description
  • User wise Authority (Login) Control System
  • Personal Contact Information System
  • Staff Profile Management System
  • Transaction Log System
  • Complete accounting in Double Entry System.
  • Dual Date (Nepal and English) Support with Auto Convert.
  • Multiple Company Facility.
  • Drill Down from all Reports to Source Voucher.
  • Ledger Merged Facility.
  • All reports in Excel (Spread Sheet), PDF, HTML Format.
  • User Friendly - Equipped with both Keyboard and Mouse navigation.
  • Report available T-Format and Tree Format.
  • Auto Backup Option to the desired Path.
  • Data can be stored in External Device (e.g. : Flash Card / Pen Drive)
  • Different Level of Security Right Defining.