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25 July , 2019


Positivity is the key

There was a job vacancy in a  Software Company for the post of Senior Web Developer.After seeing the post,a guy a bit having positive mind but just having little knowledge of web programming apply for the post.
At the time of Interview,
First at Introduction,it was well but later,a more technical questions were asked and guy was unable to answer what interviewer was searching for.
After several question being unanswered,Interviewer asked
'How do you spend your life?'
A Guy replied (Being positive):'No, No sir, I don`t spend my life,i live my life.'
Then Interviewer told.
"Thank you,will call you if you get selected'
Next day
Ting ting.
A phone call to guy.
"Congratulation,you are selected for the job."
A guy get puzzled,amazed and asked with curiosity
"But i haven`t even answered right,How do i get selected?"
And Replied on phone.
"While, We were wanting to make office more alive,and for that we certainly need humans not machine.Thats all".

Moral "If you are positive about life,positivity shall grace you rest."

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