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25 July , 2019


How to Use Facebook As A Powerful Election Tool

Facebook has become the largest social media site ever with millions of daily active users. Facebook helps you to reach out to your followers, voters & local community’s peoples. Using Facebook in a better way helps to attract large volume of voter’s attention towards you.

As we all knew, after a long time (around 2 decades) on May 14, 2017. Nepal is going to face first phase of local election. So, all candidates were planning & running different election campaign in their local areas & cities.


According to Socialaves, we have 8 Million Facebook users in Nepal till Feb, 2017.


No matter what level of race you are running, campaign fundamentals are core to winning. Social media campaign can play a vital role to win an election. For budding and experienced politicians, Facebook provides a way to directly connect and engage with online voters.


Here are few most powerful tips to run political campaign using Facebook.  Let’s discuss on how to use Facebook as a powerful election tool.


Create a Campaign Facebook Page:

All politician candidates can create an official Facebook Page. From where you can share your information, mission or goals & related posts focus on voters & community issues/problems.

Once you create your Facebook page, update your profile image with a good professional & clear image with smile face. So, every voter can easily identify you.

Update cover photo, your cover photo will be the first thing a user sees, so it should really make a good impression. If possible, change your cover on a regular basis to communicate more about your campaign.

While, designing cover photo follow these guidelines to make it more visual.

  • Right dimension: making sure your cover photo is optimized for the right dimensions: 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall for desktop, 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile.
  • 20% text rule: while using text in your cover photo, keep that text concise to make your photo more informative and engaging.
  • Simple & clear image: try to make quality image with having background of flag
  • Slogan on top: put your campaign slogan on the top of cover photo. So, users can easily make sense of that. Or you can also use #hastag for easy linkup.

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Be Authentic:

Now after your Facebook page is set up, you are in front of users & finally ready to start engaging voters. Facebook provide a best way to distribute your page among your existing friends, networks, groups & family circle. You can either share or email them to tell about your official page.

 As you campaign boost up, you will attract voters who will want to follow your campaign. Candidates should engage in a conversation with peoples who have comments on your post. You should respond them with better reply if necessary.  All your post, images, articles & message should be originalauthentic.

Don’t only copy & paste post & articles from other site. Candidate should write their own post on behalf of that locality or community. Written post must have to be more informative with their clear vision & development plan.


Focus on voter:

Political campaigns should be about addressing community problems & their best road map or development plan. Candidates should identify the actual problem on that local area before addressing them. Which helps to collect sympathy votes also?

But most of times candidate only focus on specific groups issues, using their personal networks only. So, break your personal network and bind with community as much as you can.

Get connect with groups & community pages around your area. And share you development plan to solve their social issues.

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